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Batelco’s Prepaid Calling Cards and Batelco Prepaid account offer you greater versatility and convenience. The service enables you to pay in advance for local and international calls made from any touch-tone phone in Bahrain and in over 20 countries around the world. Batelco’s prepaid account provides the customer with the ability to store the card value on their telephone number – fixed or mobile – and then they can make any call by only dialing 155 followed by destination number.

• BD10 Prepaid calling card is available through QuickServ machine only

The rates for using the prepaid card are as follows:

Local Calls

Peak Charge (BD) Off-Peak (BD)
Fixed to Fixed (per minute) BD 0.015 BD 0.015
Fixed to Mobile (per minute) BD 0.020 BD 0.020
Mobile to Fixed (per minute) BD 0.025 BD 0.025
Mobile to Mobile (per minute) BD 0.030 BD 0.030

Above rates are applied for all operators

International Calls

Connection Charge (BD) Monthly Rental (BD)
Normal IDD Rates apply
Prepaid cards benefits:

  • They eliminate confusion caused by handling unfamiliar coins.
  • They eliminate the need to speak to overseas operators who may not speak your language.
  • Cost-effective, easy to budget long distance calling and avoid the need to make expensive collect calls or pay excessive hotel surcharges.
  • Dialing instructions in Arabic or English.


The prepaid card value is specified in Bahrain Dinars. Cards are available in BD 1, 3, 5 and 10*.
Batelco’s prepaid card system automatically calculates and informs you of the value remaining on the card before you start your next call. Advanced warning is also given when the value of the card is about to expire.


In order to use the prepaid card, simply dial 8000 88 88 if in Bahrain. If you are overseas, simply dial the Bahrain Direct access number depending on the country you are in and follow the voice instructions. The Bahrain Direct access numbers may be obtained from Batelco’s Customer Service Centre.* BD10 Prepaid Calling card is available through QuickServ machine only

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